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when Japan and Denmark meet

Who are we

We - behind Seramikku - are Ida and Mads. Mads is half Japanese, and Ida is Danish. In addition to standing behind Seramikku, we also form pairs on a daily basis.

Japanese culture and aesthetics occupy an enormous amount of our everyday life, and Seramikku was started based on a desire to bring a bit of Japan into Danish homes.

We hope that we can be an authentic external face in relation to Japanese inspiration, culture, recipes and not least ceramics and applied arts.

seramikku japansk keramik og japansk køkkenudstyr

Values ​​and webshop

The thoughts behind the ceramic cow

Seramikku is hand-picked Japanese applied art. It all started with the sale of ceramics - but since then the webshop has expanded to include Japanese kitchen knives.

We love the idea that you get something that everyone else doesn't have. That's why we order a very limited number of homes of each part - so we ensure that what you get is unique and something that only very few have left at home.

In the selection of our products, we take great pride in finding products of high quality. That is why we import the goods directly from Japanese suppliers, so you are guaranteed both the best price and the best product.

All our ceramics are approved for food contact.

A small step on the way

1% for the planet

We are of the belief that all measures towards a greener world are welcome and necessary - a little is also good! However, we cannot stand alone, and that is why we are a member of 1% for the Planet .

1% for the Planet is a nature, environment and climate campaigning organisation. As a member, we undertake to donate 1% of our gross turnover to environmental improvement measures - this means that when you shop with us, you automatically support the movement's non-profit environmental and climate organisations.

Our donation goes directly to non-profit organizations authorized by 1% for the Planet. For us, membership makes sense as we, together with other companies and individuals, get the opportunity to contribute to green work.

In addition, we support several of the UN's global goals .

Read more about the organization 1% for the Planet here