What is Japandi?

Japandi is used for the style where elements of Japanese and Scandinavian design are united. These are two styles that speak well together due to many common features with a focus on minimalism and good craftsmanship. The use of light wood, natural materials, calm colors and solid design is where the two styles meet and tie together. For us personally, the fusion between the Japanese and the Scandinavian consists in combining the things that we love most about the two worlds: quality, minimalism, colors and tranquility. Read Boligmagasinet's article about how we decorate according to the Japandi style right here .

The Scandinavian style has for many years been known for a minimalist line with the use of few things and bright colors. In the Japandi style, this expression is temporarily unfolded through the Japanese style with more natural materials such as grass, reeds, flax and bamboo. In addition, the light colors are joined by deeper tones such as green, ocher and brown - however, based on light and muted colors as a base.

Picture: Boligmagasinet

Calm, balance and good craftsmanship

What the two styles have in common is how materials, shape and colors play together in a balanced and calm way. This with a focus on getting into gear and letting the surroundings contribute to creating calm through clean lines and high functionality. The simple and almost pure expression speaks to a movement away from stressful and noisy environments, which in many cases can be experienced outside the home.

Both Denmark and Japan are known for good craftsmanship and classic designs, which are timeless and possess high functionality. The style and quality means that you can make more sustainable choices by furnishing with objects that are durable and aesthetic over many years - also through new trends that should appear along the way.

Japandi style Seramikku Ida and Mads

How to decorate in Japandi style

Fortunately, the Japandi style is a direct extension of many of the handles that are already seen in the Scandinavian style, and therefore you can bring the style into your home with just a few elements. Among other things, focus on:

  • Consistent use of the same materials, wood types and colours. Light wood such as oak and bamboo are particularly popular.
  • Use natural materials such as grass, flax, reeds, rice paper when choosing new home items.
  • Let the bright colors be building blocks, which are developed through several subdued and balanced tones. Choose earth tones and combine these with more colors through the use of woodcuts, posters, ceramics and decorative objects.
  • Bring things down to earth - quite literally. Let lamps, armchairs, cushions, plants and the like come closer to the ground to create a sense of calm the room.
  • Include decorative items such as wood carvings, rice paper lamps, grass and reed baskets, large plants and ceramics in the interior design.

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