Oyakodon (donburi with chicken and egg)






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30 minutes


    1. 1 piece. boneless chicken thighs or chicken breasts
    2. Short-grain round rice - sushi or porridge (3 dl)
    3. Dashi (1 dl)
    4. Soy sauce (3 tbsp.)
    5. Mirin (2 tbsp.)
    6. Sugar (2 tbsp.)
    7. Salt (to taste)
    8. Onions (1)
    9. Eggs (2 pcs.)
    10. Spring onion, parsley or mitsuba for topping

      Course of action

      Note: Typically you make one portion at a time in a small pan that fits the diameter of the bowl. In this way, you can feed the chicken/egg mixture directly on top of the steamed rice. In that case, use only half of the ingredients from point 3 of the recipe and then repeat with the other half.
      However, you can easily make the entire portion in one round in a larger pan and then divide half into separate bowls.

      • Cook the rice according to instructions.
      • Cut the chicken into smaller pieces and slice the onion.
      • Mix the dashi, mirin, soy, sugar and salt in a small frying pan.
      • Put the chicken and the onion in the pan and put the lid on.
      • Bring the contents to a boil and keep the lid on until cooked through.
      • Beat the eggs and pour it over the chicken.
      • Turn off the heat and put the lid back on.
      • Once the egg is cooked, the dish is complete. The egg should still be soft and slightly runny.
      • Put the rice in the bottom of the bowl and top with the entire contents of the pan.

      Tip: Can be served with chopped spring onion or mitsuba, which is Japan's answer to parsley - can be found in specialist shops.



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