How to make the perfect picture wall

(Inspiration for how you can make a picture wall)

Step-by-step guide to making a picture wall

A picture wall can create change in your home and add a personal touch to your decor through motifs that have special meaning. At the same time, it is a flexible solution, where the expression can be changed continuously according to trends and findings that are discovered throughout life. With the framework in hand and the vision in the head, the 'project picture wall' can seem unmanageable - where do you start?

We have collected our best advice on how you can succeed in creating the perfect picture wall in your home. Here you will get inspiration for how a picture wall can be part of the interior of the home.

Here's how you do it

A picture wall can be used in all rooms from the children's room to the living room, and it can help to give the Scandinavian edge. Edge is a key word for the initial work, as you have to decide whether the picture wall should have a loose or fixed edge .

A loose edge contributes to a dynamic expression, as the edge of the frames does not align, but instead sticks out. If you have many motifs standing, a loose edge can be useful, or if you would like to achieve a "relaxed" expression.

Fixed edge gives a tighter look due to the straight edge of the frames. Measure the area for the desired picture wall and buy the frames according to the measurements. This ensures that the frames fit and that the measured area is filled.
picture wall inspiration taisho posters interior design
(Inspiration for a picture wall with fixed or loose border - find the posters above here )

The construction of a picture wall step-by-step

  1. Use the floor to arrange the frames, so you have the opportunity to swap frames and motifs around.

  2. Make sure to distribute the sizes of the frames and the colors of the motifs to achieve balance in the expression.

  3. Loose edge: Start from the center and work outwards. Fixed edge: Start from the corners and work inwards.

  4. Keep the same distance between the frames to achieve balance in the expression. In some places, more air will appear, which does not matter if the rest keep the same distance between them.

  5. Make sure to keep the same distance to the floor and to the ceiling from the edge of the frames, so that it does not weigh against the floor, for example.

  6. If necessary, break the square expression by adding a mirror, a hanging plant or a lamp.

  7. Use frames of different kinds; colored, old, detailed, new etc.

  8. Mix motifs; graphics, drawings, new, old etc.
picture wall inspiration taisho posters interior design
(Step-by-step guide to creating a picture wall)

Find posters for your picture wall here and frames here .