Makeover of caravan in Go' Morgen Danmark

renovation of caravan go morgen denmark

We were very (!) excited before the presentation of the result to Inge-Lise and Steen - see before/after pictures at the bottom of the article.

Makeover of an old caravan on a budget - and a few days to complete!

Perhaps you saw it when we were in Go' Morgen Danmark this summer to give an old caravan a slight facelift. When Go' Morgen Danmark asked if we would like to renovate a caravan in just three days and even on a budget, we first thought "that can't be done...". But then we remembered that we have actually built a house in seven weeks, and so we took up the challenge anyway.

We had to renovate Inge-Lise and Steen's old caravan. A caravan that had followed them through thick and thin, so we felt quite awe at this task. What if we did something they didn't like? And what if we weren't done at all after the three days? There were many worries, but nevertheless we reached the finish line, and Inge-Lise and Steen were beyond happy with their 'new' caravan. And then everyone was happy!

Before/after pictures of the caravan - tips for furnishing

The major changes in the caravan consisted of reupholstering all the cushions, sewing new curtains, painting all the fronts and building a workbench in the area where there had once been a toilet.

This is not the first time that we do a 'makeover' of something, and one of the secrets to making something that looks great is all the trinkets, plants and gizmos you put in at the end. We had stocked the kitchen with herbs and nice recycled finds, and there were plants everywhere (artificial, of course. Otherwise it would be a bit of a project to keep them alive all year round in a caravan). In addition, we chose to paint all the fronts, as this is an easy way to make a big change. We chose to go with a light blue color mixed at home, and you can read our guide on how you can tone paint and thereby create a similar color yourself.

caravan renovation, tv2, before and after, kitchen

- The kitchen - The fronts have been painted and decorated with various trinkets. Tip: a net can be used to store toilet paper, fruit, bags, paper towels and the like, which can otherwise take up a lot of space.

caravan renovation, tv2, before and after, dining area
caravan renovation, tv2, before and after, dining area

- The dining area - The seats have been reupholstered, new curtains have been added, the fronts have been painted and styled with new cushions, carpets and trinkets. Tip: use a coat rack to store jackets (of course) but also for mugs with a handle, a net or a hanging plant.

caravan renovation, tv2, before and after, toilet

- The old toilet - We created a solution with a table top in order to create more table space and to create more storage. In addition, it was important to create smart solutions with shelves, a mirror and fixed jars for food products such as muesli and the like, so that the space was used to the full.

caravan renovation, TV2, before and after, sleeping place

- The sleeping area - In the same way, we chose here to paint all fronts and replace the dark curtains with a lighter version. In addition, new bed linen, cushions and plants have been purchased, which could create a cozy atmosphere. Baskets have been used under the bed for additional storage.

About renovating and creating a makeover in a caravan

All in all, it was a really fun (and tough, now) task that we kind of hope we get the chance to try again. The thing about upcycling something just makes so much more sense than buying new. A caravan can be super sterile and spaceship-like, but by upcycling an old case, you will be gifted with an enormous amount of soul and coziness.

We hope that you have gained inspiration for how you can create a completely new expression in your caravan with little means - enjoy!

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