Food safety - Our Japanese pottery and its glaze

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has recently focused a lot on the heavy metals lead and cadmium in ceramics - and in particular in foreign ceramics. It is the company's own responsibility to ensure that the ceramics are food approved, it must not be the consumer's own headache.

That is why we at Seramikku are registered as a food company dealing with food contact materials. This means that we get control visits, as well as laboratory tests and analysis of our ceramics, which confirm that our ceramics and its glaze comply with the EU's limit values ​​for lead and cadmium.

It is a legal requirement to be able to present the Danish Food Authority's inspection reports when dealing with foreign ceramics, but unfortunately not everyone is aware of this. As a consumer, you should know that it must be clearly stated on the website that the ceramics are approved for food contact. We have the link to our smiley reports, with only happy smileys, at the bottom of the website and under each product.

As a consumer, you must also be careful when using old stoneware or ceramics from, for example, recycling shops, as it cannot be guaranteed that the limit value for heavy metals will be observed.

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