Handpicked Japanese ceramics

Seramikku was started based on a shared desire to bring parts of Japanese culture and aesthetics into Danish homes. Mads is half Japanese, and over the years our common interest in Japan and its good craftsmanship has grown into our entire everyday life.

It was therefore a natural journey for us to embark on, when we decided at the time that we wanted to bring a bit of Japan to Denmark and thereby inspire the use of Japanese art, culture and cooking.

The journey from Japan to Denmark

When the ceramics land on the shelves in our warehouse, it has been a long time coming. In fact, the process takes many months, as we have prioritized getting our goods shipped by ship. Initially, we spend a lot of time selecting and handpicking each individual piece of pottery. Here it is essential for us that the items match each other, but also that the goods are of good, high quality.

For us, ceramics must be everything: it must be colorful and full of patterns, but also neutral and simple. In other words, there must be a committee which represents a bit of everything, but at the same time is carefully selected according to how it works together.

After the selection of the ceramics, it takes its long journey to Denmark, where many challenges can occur along the way. That is why it is always a day of joy when the ceramics finally land on Danish soil, and we can send them out to you after a long wait.

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