How to choose the right knife

When choosing a new knife, it can be difficult to find out which one to choose. The most important thing in this context is to ask yourself what function the knife should have. In other words: what are you going to use the knife for?

Below we have compiled an overview of all our knives and their functions, so that you can hopefully find out which knife is right for you.

What all Seramikku's Japanese knives have in common is that they are hand-forged in Japan by local blacksmiths using traditional techniques. In addition, all knives with 17 layers are hammered, damascused VG10 steel and have a hardness of 60-62 HRC (Rockwell hardness scale).

Herb knife

The herb knife is also called a "Petty" knife, and is, as the names suggest, fantastic for the small ingredients. Use it when you have to cut or care for small vegetables and fruits that require precision.
For example, use the 'foot' of the knife blade to remove stains from potatoes or the like.

The knife is also fantastic as a small cheese/sausage knife or for scratching the skin on roast pork or vegetables.

Find it here in black or mahogany .

Utility knife

The utility knife is also called a 'paring knife', and is, as the words suggest, fantastic for the slightly smaller ingredients. The knife is used to cut various small things in the kitchen, and it will quickly become your favorite knife in everyday life.

Use it when you have to cut or care for small vegetables, fruits and herbs. Also use it to cut or fillet smaller pieces of meat and fish.

The utility knife will quickly become your most used knife in the kitchen.

Find it here in black ormahogany

Nakiri knife

Nakiri (菜切り) means vegetable knife. The knife is the traditional vegetable knife, which is indispensable in the Japanese kitchen - and the Asian kitchen in general.

Here you get the perfect vegetable knife, which with its rectangular shape makes it easy to cut both large and small vegetables. The height of the blade means that you can safely turn your knuckles towards the blade and guide the movements of the knife.
It can be used to split large vegetables, but is also ideal for finely chopped vegetables.
Use it, for example, to cut perfectly fine julienne or brunoise.

Find it here in black or mahogany

Santoku knife

Santoku (三徳) loosely translates to "3 purposes" and refers to the knife's versatility, as it can be used for fish, meat and vegetables. The Santoku knife is a multi-function knife that, in its shape, is designed to be able to chop, slice and cut various raw materials.

With the knife's high blade, your fingers never get in the way, as you can rest your knuckles on the blade and control the knife's movements. At the same time, the length of the blade of 18 cm means that you can cut raw materials in long, soft movements. The pointed end means that you can also finely chop the smallest raw materials.

The Santoku knife is the Japanese all-round knife that is suitable for any kitchen.

Find it here in black or mahogany

Gyūto knife

Gyūto (牛刀) means "meat sword" in Japanese and corresponds to what is known in the West as a traditional chef's knife. Despite the name, it is a very versatile knife that can be used for both meat, fish and vegetables.

With the long blade of 21 cm, you really feel that the knife does the work for you when you cut in long, soft movements. The height of the blade means that you can easily chop and slice small vegetables with the knuckles resting on the blade to guide the knife.
This knife is the chef's go-to knife!

Find it here in black or mahogany

Sujihiki knife

Sujihiki (筋引) literally translates to "muscle puller" referring to the pulling motion the knife is designed for. With the long, narrow blade of 24 cm, the knife is ideal for filleting meat and fish in long, sharp cuts.

Use it to polish cuts of meat or skin and filet fish - for example for sushi/sashimi. The knife also functions as a carving knife and is therefore ideal for carving a ready-made roast or poultry.

With the sujihiki knife, you will really feel how the knife does all the work for you when you cut in long cuts.

Find it here in black or mahogany

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