How many layers does a good knife have?

layer on a chef's knife

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We are often asked how many layers a knife must have to be good and of high quality. Unfortunately, it is a common misconception that more layers on the knife equals a better and sharper knife.

The main property of the layers is to protect the hard core steel. In addition, of course, it has an aesthetic value.

The professional Japanese chefs always use knives with 3 layers. One hard core recast with 2 protective stainless steel layers.

Whether a Japanese Damascus knife has 9, 17, 67 or for that matter 300 layers is more a matter of aesthetics (and price) than it is an expression of sharpness, hardness or overall quality.

Our Japanese knives have 17 layers of hammered damascus VG10 steel, whereby the steel gets high protection from the many layers. In addition, the layers give the knife a beautiful appearance.

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