What does the HRC scale mean?

what does the HCR scale mean for your knife

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If you've looked for a new kitchen knife in the past, you've probably come across the term 'HCR scale'. In short, it is a measuring unit to define the hardness of the blade of the knife prepared by the international and renowned Rockwell.

The hardness of the steel is defined and graded, for which parameters such as the quality and durability of the steel are also measured.

The scale acts as a good guideline when you have to invest in a knife, as it can tell you where on the scale the knife in question is according to other knives on the market.

Seramikku's Japanese knives are made of VG10 steel, which on the Rockwell scale achieves a grade of 60-62 HRC. For comparison, a typical Western kitchen knife is 50-55 HRC.

The hardness of our knives is thus higher than some other kitchen knives on the market, which is why you are guaranteed a knife that can last a long time and remains sharp.

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