Why choose a Japanese chef's knife?

why choose a Japanese chef's knife

A Japanese knife is a good choice if you want a tool that can last a lifetime. Our knives are hand-forged using traditional methods in Sakai-city, which is widely recognized for the region's more than 600-year history of knife forging.

The solid craftsmanship reflects the quality of our knives, whose specifications include:

  • 17 layers hammered in damascus VG10 steel.
  • 60-62 HRC (Rockwell hardness scale) (Typical western chef knives have a hardness of 50-55, which means a softer, duller knife that needs to be sharpened more often.

Extraordinary hardness, sharpness and wear resistance

The blade consists of 17 layers of hammered damascus steel which, in addition to being incredibly beautiful, has the property of protecting the core against rust and wear.

The core itself consists of the hard VG10 steel developed by Takefu Special Steel Co., Ltd. The VG10 core steel consists of a composition of very pure raw materials, which provide exceptional qualities when it comes to hardness, sharpness and wear resistance.

All in all, the knives are a solid tool that will certainly become your faithful companion in the kitchen. Cooking just gets a little more fun when the tool helps do the work for one. The knives have different properties, which you can read about here.

Find all our knives here

Find all our knives here

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