How to use an ironing board

An ironing steel is an indispensable tool for your knife, as it helps to maintain the sharpness of the knife. The ironing steel is used continuously as a maintenance tool to prevent the knife from becoming dull. Thus, an iron steel is used to prolong sharpness, while our whetstone is used when the knife needs 'rougher' sharpening and polishing.

How to use an ironing board?

Seramikku's ironing steel from Japanese Satake is easy to use and feels good in the hand. When you need to use the iron, you can either hold the iron in a vertical direction or lying against, for example, a cutting board.

Place the knife blade on the ironing board at an angle of 15-20 degrees. Make sure to keep a safe distance and pay attention to having a good grip on both the knife and the iron. Move the knife towards the ironing steel with light strokes and let the entire knife blade come into contact with the steel. This can be done by gently pulling the knife back and forth. Switch sides of the knife blade and repeat the process on this side.

The process is carried out until both sides of the knife blade have received approximately 10 strokes over the knife edge. Wash the knife free of any small remains of metal and make sure to dry the knife well.

If the knife does not seem sharp after using the iron, our whetstone can be used. This gives a coarser grinding and subsequent polishing.

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