The slow brew coffee method

The 'Slow Brew' or 'Pour Over' coffee method has over the last few years become a popular method when it comes to coffee brewing. Brewing takes place by pouring water over the ground coffee beans, after which the coffee slowly drips into the pot.

The method means that the notes of the coffee appear more clearly, and that the taste is intensified. The grooves in our funnels from Hario ensure that the coffee gets the best conditions when it flows through.

How to make slow brew coffee

Fortunately, to get started with your slow brew, you need very little equipment. First of all, it is a good idea to invest in good beans that can complete the taste experience. When the beans are ground, it requires approximately 10-15 grams per cup whatever you like.

For the actual brewing, you must use at least a kettle, a jug, a funnel and coffee filters. Alternatively, you can buy our coffee set , which contains everything you need.

Step by step guide to slow brew

1. Start by boiling the water in the kettle.
2. Put a filter in the funnel.
3. Use a little of the water to wet the filter a little, so that the water can flow through better when the beans are in (place the funnel with the filter in a place where the water can drain out)
4. Put the coffee in the filter and now place the jug underneath.
5. Then pour the hot water over the beans a little at a time.
6. Enjoy the coffee when all the water has run through.

Find all coffee equipment here .

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Hej. Først vil jeg sige, at kaffe på denne måde er helt nyt for mig. Nu kan jeg drikke kaffe og nyde det, trods mavesår. 😊
Jeg har købt tragt, kedel, kande og filtre. Men den hvide “dims” på billedet, var ikke med…
Mange hilsner Hanne Damsgaard 🌺

Hanne Damsgaard May 03, 2024

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