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Pinbōdo notice board - Chairo/Brown - 50x70

999,00 kr

Notice board covered with brown linen and framed in a beautiful solid oak frame.
Pinbōdo (ピンヒード) functions in Japan as a loanword from the English 'pin board'.

The frame measures 1 cm in width and 3.6 in depth. The frame is approx. 0.5 cm deeper than the board itself, which gives an elegant finish.

The notice board is designed and produced in Denmark with a handmade floating frame of solid oak.
A suspension is fitted so that the notice board can be hung both vertically and horizontally.

There are 2 other size variants:
70x70 and 100x120

The notice boards are sold as pre-orders and are produced to order.
Expected delivery time: Start of December

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