Summer breakfast table

259,00 kr

Summer breakfast table

259,00 kr
"Summer breakfast" is a photographed painting (acrylic on canvas).
The summer breakfast table encapsulates the things we associate with a quiet and peaceful breakfast in the Danish summer morning sun. A sun cream, sunglasses, a magazine and of course: cold drink and strawberries!

The poster is made in two variants:
- A poster where the motif is surrounded by a white border and with text at the bottom. This works as a portrait format. It is available in both English and Danish.
- A poster that only consists of the motif itself. This works in both portrait and landscape format.

  • Printed on 240g matt quality paper or 400g canvas
  • Printed on a 12-colour plotter, which provides exceptional color reproduction
  • Available in 2 variants and 7 standard sizes
  • If you want the poster in a color or size outside our standard range, you can have a special order made for a fee of DKK 200 - contact us here for inquiries

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