Rice with soy marinated egg yolk






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30 minutes


  1. Boiled Japanese rice (can be replaced with porridge)
  2. An egg yolk
  3. Soya
  4. Spring onions
  5. Avocado

      Course of action

      • Carefully beat out the yolk and place it in a bowl. Several can be made together - but be careful not to puncture the yolk.
      • Pour the soy over and put them in the fridge for a minimum of four hours - preferably a little longer if you have the time.
      • Cook the rice according to instructions.
      • Chop spring onion and avocado into small pieces.
      • Place the cooked rice in the bottom of a bowl and place the soy-marinated yolk on top. The whole thing is topped with the chopped greens.



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