Football For A New Tomorrow

259,00 kr

Football For A New Tomorrow

259,00 kr
We have chosen to continue our collaboration with the charity FANT for a new tomorrow.

Towards the EC in men's football 2021, we 'competed' with a number of other teams to collect as much as possible for the organization FANT. In this connection, we collected DKK 32,595.38 incl. VAT

FANT for a new tomorrow is a humanitarian organization that works to ensure that all people in the world – regardless of gender, age, disability or origin – have access to organized sports activities and communities, and that these communities create both personal and societal changes.

You can read more about FANT here .
  • We donate 50% of the price of the poster to FANT's good humanitarian work.
  • The poster is first drawn analogically by hand and then recorded digitally for the best possible quality in scalable vector
  • Printed on 240g matt quality paper or 400g canvas
  • Available in 3 color variants and 7 sizes

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