Shinjyo Miso paste (dark - Aka Miso)

45,00 kr

Shinjyo Miso paste (dark - Aka Miso)

45,00 kr

If you want to start with miso soup or ramen soup, we recommend that you start with this dark miso as a soup base. This paste gives you an authentic starting point for your ramen soup, where you can then add all the ingredients that your imagination allows. 

This dark miso paste (also called 'Aka miso') has the classic miso taste, which is an umami bomb like no other. It is saltier, deeper and more spicy than the light one. We recommend this miso paste as a base for a ramen soup or just as a completely classic miso soup with e.g. seaweed, tofu, shellfish or various vegetables.

This miso paste from Shinjyo is made from soybeans and is in the dark version. See the milder light miso paste here . 

Weight: 300 g

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