Hungry Geisha

259,00 kr

Our most popular poster "Hungry Geisha" is a photographed painting (acrylic on canvas). The motif depicts an elegant Japanese geisha who, using chopsticks, eats something as inelegant as a hot dog with the whole thing.

A geisha is a culturally historical Japanese woman who devotes her entire life to training and perfecting herself in various traditional Japanese arts. The word geisha consists of the characters芸(gei) and 者(sha), which mean "art" and "person" respectively.
  • Printed on 240g matt quality paper or 400g canvas
  • Printed on a 12-colour plotter, which provides exceptional color reproduction
  • Available in 5 color variants and 7 standard sizes
  • If you want the poster in a color or size outside our standard range, you can have a special order made for a fee of DKK 200 - contact us here for inquiries

Oak frames are available here

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