Kintsugi - the beauty of the imperfect

What is Kintsugi?

One of the Japanese crafts that we admire most is Kintsugi . Specifically, it is a traditional Japanese technique for repairing broken ceramics, where the shards are joined together with gold glue. Kintsugi stems from the Wabi-Sabi philosophy, which is about seeing the beauty in the imperfect. When the broken parts are put back together, it creates a whole that is more beautiful than it was before. Beauty is thereby found in the defective rather than focusing on the fact that the ceramics no longer appear in their original condition. Failure becomes a strength and part of its history.

With our Kintsugi repair kit, you can preserve your favorite pottery and give it new life. The manufacturer writes that the product is safe to use for food at a maximum temperature of 100 degrees. We recommend that ceramics repaired with Kintsug i not be put in the dishwasher or microwave. The set comes in a nice box and is available in both silver and gold. In addition to ceramics, put can be used to repair glass.

Recycle instead of buying new

In line with recent years' focus on recycling and reducing resource waste, the philosophy encourages us to care for our things instead of buying new ones. In other words, we must take a closer look at the things we have that can be given new life. It is easy to press the order button when something breaks, but by repairing things yourself, you can contribute to a greener everyday life by recycling . The joy also arises from the fact that one's favorite things in the home do not have to go to waste, but instead get their own unique expression, which neither you nor anyone else can buy.

The wabi sabi philosophy - the beauty of the imperfect

The philosophy behind Kintsugi is linked to more than pure craftsmanship. It can also be transferred to how we humans should pay tribute to the 'mistakes' and experiences we can carry in our luggage by having gone through something difficult or challenging. Mistakes and past experiences make us stronger, which is why it should be celebrated and used to understand how it has shaped and changed us.

A Japanese saying goes that our strength is our weakness. The statement should be used to remind us that our notion of strength can change and that we must not take anything for granted. Life, people, love and yes, ceramic shards all need to be cultivated and nurtured with attention and dedication. And then we must all remember what the headline says; to find joy and beauty in the imperfect - regardless of flaws and shortcomings.

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