What does the Kintsugi set consist of?

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Humade's kintsugi set is inspired by the ancient Japanese craft of kintsugi. The old and traditional technique is very advanced, but with this set it is possible for everyone to try the technique.

The set contains:

  • Two-component adhesive
  • Wax for filling larger holes
  • Gold or silver powder
  • Bamboo stick and brush
  • Gloves
  • Step-by-step guide with detailed pictures

In a set there are 5-10 repairs depending on the size. It can be used on almost all hard materials, e.g. glass, wood, marble, hard plastic and of course ceramics/stoneware

We recommend hand washing products that have been repaired

Be sure to work in a ventilated environment or near an open window, as the glue can smell strong. Remember to read the enclosed manual thoroughly before use.

Find the kintsugi set here

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